nikkinicolep said: Just wanted to say I am loving the current missing moment! On the whole I am slightly more sympathetic to Witch than Nun (and I think that there's an interesting allegory regarding how Christian missionaries have historically treated the people they're claiming to help here), but Yolanda's quiet aid of Jackson (and Catherine!) open a whole new level of depth here. You and Ash are a treasure!


We really appreciate it.  <3

baldingspaldings said: Why no john green?

No John Green because he is a festering shitlord who not only glamorizes illness but acts like his characters are true, brave representations of teenagers/people coping with terminal conditions, and as someone who has gone through much of the suffering he inaccurately described and rode to ill-gotten fame, I hate him with the fiery intensity of a thousand searing suns.    

Book recommendations?

Hi y’all!

I really need some book recommendations.  I like fantasy stuff, post-apocalyptic stuff (zombies!  viruses!  plagues!), queer stuff, books about children/teenagers going through stuff (NOT JOHN GREEN) and bonus points if it’s set in a place that isn’t America.  Books like The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns are my jam.

Any recommendations?  Hit me up.  I would really appreciate it! 


She’s one of my favourites but I’m starting to dread her appearances



There’s this comic I read, called Sister Claire! Recently it got an extra author and the writing gained levels, and major backstory for the nuns (it’s a comic about nuns) and one of the nuns is transgender, which is great.

What isn’t great is the comments everytime said nun, Sister Oscar who is a lovely lady who sparkles and is based off the character from Rose of Versailles, appears. They’re full of ‘he’s more of a man than us!’ ‘is he Claire’s real daddy?’ and ‘CAN WE PLEASE HAVE SOME CLEAR EVIDENCE ABOUT WHAT GENITALIA OSCAR HAS’ which is giving me the flying heebies.

If you don’t know what something is, you ask. That’s a good life policy. Or googling it. That’s also a really great policy. Some concepts can be kind of surprising if you’re a lil’ sheltered. I once met a man (who actually was a total creep but that’s unrelated) who actually believed bisexual meant full on hermaphrodite. I explained, then he sent me a dick pic, and then I had to tell him if he ever spoke to me again I’d report him to every single moderator that ever existed but I’m pretty sure that had nothing to do with the first part but I feel I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the whole story.

Anyway. Sister Oscar’s nethers. Why on earth would you need to know that? In what way is your viewing experience enhanced by knowing what’s going on under that habit? Do you lay up at night and think about trans people and go ‘GOD, I wish I knew if there was a weiner or a vulva down there god this is just burning me up WHY’ because it’s kind of unnerving. I’m not telling you what’s going on with me except for there’s a holy light and sometimes lepers are cured.

And I saw the mildest ‘please stop misgendering her’ from one of the authors met with ‘stop with the hostility it interferes with our LEARNING’ which is apparently super super fragile. 

I totally get the argument that someone being confused getting greeted with a wall of swears can be somewhat detrimental, but if just being told ‘hey, stop’ clearly is enough to set you off I don’t think you’re trying.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say! The nuns all have superpowers and there’s a mecha. And one nun is pregnant with the messiah. You know, basic stuff.

While Elena (Yamino) and I can’t relate to this issue as personally as you do, dear reader, we do also feel a sense of trepidation posting pages or stories that feature Oscar prominently because of the inevitable ignorance (and stupidity, and foulness) that floods the comments. We want Oscar to make people happy, especially those of you who find her relatable in some way — and we want to do right by her, if that makes sense. We know Oscar shoulders a good deal of representation in the comic and we want to emphasize that without it also being the only thing her character is there for: she’s transgender but she’s not in the cast to be the token transgender person, the end. She’s so important for so many reasons, for who she loves and what she fights for and what she does, and how she moves in the world we’ve made around her, and it is endlessly frustrating when someone in the comments ignores all that in favor of bugling, “LOL but does she have a weewee or a wawa?”


Still, Oscar’s a main character in our story, and we won’t let a little negativity reduce her to a stereotype or keep her from being seen. More than that, we will continue to keep a close eye on the comments and do our best to make them a safe space for our readers… we anticipate and will try to alleviate occasional instances of cluelessness, but slurs and transphobia will not be tolerated.

That’s a promise, from me and Elena and Oscar too.

We hope you keep reading.


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Hey y’all!

I’ve been gettin’ some peeps up in my mailbox asking me why I haven’t posted much stuff lately, and the truth is I’m pretty busy!  I’m writing a bunch for Sister Claire and for the new Valor anthology (go check out the Kickstarter here!), and work’s eating up a bunch of time, and of course I’m having adventures with my wife and stuff.  I’m fine!  Doing great!  Those of you in my inbox worrying about me, please don’t.  Everything is dandy.  Those of you in my inbox being brats, do kindly go to hell and eat a dick sandwich on the way, if you please.  I hear you can even get those with a pretzel bun nowadays.

With that being said, especially in light of recent events that tinged the whole world a little darker, if any of you ever need me or just want to talk to me, I do check Tumblr at least once a day (…ten times a day?  twenty?) and I am here for you, okay?  If you want a postcard for any goshdarn reason, you hit me up and I’ll send one your way.  I love sending postcards.  You need an ear?  Well, at least one of mine works sometimes.  I can’t always move mountains but I’ll sure as hell try.  Wanna talk writing?  Reading?  Cartoons?  Bubble tea?  I am so ready.  My askbox is open.

I am always here.


slip of the tongue

My name is Ash, but guess who just accidentally introduced herself as “Ass” Barnes?


Little sketch of Oscar to cheer up my wife. We’re both having a rough day.  Thanks for your kind messages, I love hearing what you are all looking forward to. &lt;3

Sister Oscar is my favorite character in Sister Claire and I love her so, so much, and seeing her smile is just what I needed to feel a little bit of happiness today.


Little sketch of Oscar to cheer up my wife. We’re both having a rough day.  Thanks for your kind messages, I love hearing what you are all looking forward to. <3

Sister Oscar is my favorite character in Sister Claire and I love her so, so much, and seeing her smile is just what I needed to feel a little bit of happiness today.

caress the lettuce

We’re having a workshop here in my building today, and I just walked into the upstairs kitchen and discovered a strange man running his bare hands tenderly through a huge bowl of salad.  We locked eyes.  He paused, blinked, and slowly removed his hands from the bowl.  Little globules of feta cheese clung to his knuckles.

"Uh," I said.

He went to the sink and washed his hands.  Then he picked up a cup of water and walked out of the room past me.

"UH," I called after him.  "UHM!  UH!"

He disappeared into the workshop classroom.

I dumped the bowl of salad into the trash.

Anonymous said: hi uh... it's like 1AM here and I just randomly started crying all of a sudden and i just really hate myself right now and i feel awful do you know what i should do to cheer up? i havent cried in a long time and i just feel like my self esteem has hit rock bottom...

Hi darlin’,

I’m sorry I was asleep when you sent this, but I’m here now and I hope you’re feeling better.  <3

When I need to cheer up, I often look for funny things on the Internet:  autocorrect fails, stupid cats, the video of that squirrel trying to hang on to the spinning bird feeder… I think of things that have made me laugh in the past, like that story I read here on Tumblr where someone was stressed out and they reached into their bag and felt what they thought was one of those stress squeeze-ball thingies, and so they squeezed it and it was actually a pear and they crushed it and they got even more stressed out and I know it was an unfortunate moment for them, yeah, but when I read that story I laughed until I could barely breathe.

When I don’t have the Internet to brighten my day, I think of some of the stupid things I’ve done that are hilarious in retrospect, like the time I had a bathing suit malfunction on one of those rafting water slides and fell out of the raft and pretty much slapped my poor brother-in-law in the face with one of my boobs.  Just one.  One boob.  I uni-boobed him.

(Sorry, David.)

Darlin’, you’re awesome.  No matter how dark things look right now and no matter how much of a failure you think you are, there are lights coming to throw their shine on you and things will get better.  There will be delicious food for you to eat, and you will laugh again, and maybe you’ll be riding a raft on a water slide next week and someone will uni-boob you too.  The future is full of promise.  Never, ever forget that.




ok lemme tell you a thing about raccoons

I adore that all these raccoons are like “I respect that you don’t want me to take this, but I’m taking this.”

Paging Tumblr user Xekstrin…

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