Hidden Talent - [Adventure Time]

A/N: You know, I don’t write enough of the guys.  So here you go!  250 words, three minutes.  =)


His fingers are quick on the keys, dancing hither and thither like flames in a fire.  His shoulders shake:  his chest heaves and his collar jumps and he’s grinning, lips pulled brazenly back from his teeth.  As the prince’s toes set up a tappity rhythm beneath the piano bench too, Marshall Lee floats the rest of the way into the window and kicks it quietly closed behind him.

When Gumball finishes whatever he’s playing a minute or so later, the vampire starts up a slow, heartfelt clap.

The prince whirls on the bench, snatching his hands from the instrument’s teeth in a manner almost guilty.  “Oh,” he coughs, “Marsh, uh—hey.  What’s up?”

“Dude.”  Marshall Lee swoops to the side of his fellow monarch.  He repeats reverently, “Dude, daaang.  I didn’t know you could play like that.”

Fetching a glance over his shoulder at the piano, Gumball smiles—a small, shy sort of smile—and shrugs.  “Oh no, really, I can’t—”

“Huh-uh.  Don’t even.”  Marshall Lee lands on his feet proper.  Dropping onto the bench next, he swings his legs around:  bumps his hip against the prince’s.  “Here, scooch over.  Give us another show.”  As the other man hesitates, the vampire sweeps his thumb down the back of Gumball’s hand and urges, softer this time, “C’mon, Peeg.  Don’t be shy.  Play for me.”

Their elbows scrub a little.  Smile strengthening now, Gumball straightens—spins on the bench to face the piano once more.  “Well,” he says, “for you, okay.”

Quick Chat - [Adventure Time]

A/N: Happy to oblige!  Here’s 500 words for ya.  Five minutes.  =)


“What’re you staring at, kiddo?”

Fionna’s gaze flits up to the vampire’s face.  She flushes, coughs: looks away again, gnawing her lip.  Over her lap her hands worry together.  Her knuckles flash in the afternoon’s wan light, agleam with solid, shiny scar tissue.  “I wasn’t staring,” she protests, except she was and she knows it and she, just like Finn, is the world’s worst liar.  The pink of her cheeks deepens to something nearby scarlet.

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Snow - [Adventure Time]

A/N:  This is for the anon who said I couldn’t do this.  Come at me, bro.

Words:  2,245


Marshall Lee finds Gumball hunched over his desk and grumbling, buried up to his ears in a bright green glittery sweater that looks like the maimed corpse of a Christmas tree—tinsel and all.  As the vampire drifts to perch on the edge of said desk, the prince glances up at him.  He huffs.  His pen pauses in its scritch over a bit of parchment.  He’s wearing mittens too, Marshall notices, horrible scarlet-striped fuzzy things reminiscent of moldy candy canes. 

“You have snow in your hair,” Gumball sniffs.  Digging his nose down farther into his sweater’s neck, he flicks his gaze back to his parchment:  resumes his writing.  Skk-tik-tik-skk

“Yeah, well, you look like a holiday barfed on you,” Marshall Lee shoots back.  He reaches to feather his fingers through his bangs.  Sure enough, they come away dusted in white up to the knuckles, the tips wet.  Flicking the cold little droplets at the bundled prince, the vampire provides, “Hi, by the way.”

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